Critical Thinking and Research Methodology Workshop for University Students in Kabul  August 2017

DROPS held a 3-day workshop on Critical Thinking and Research Methodology in three private universities located in Kabul, these included Khurshid University, Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education, and the University of Afghanistan. The primary objective of the workshop was to familiarize students with research methodologies and epistemological issues, while highlighting both theoretically, and in practice, the importance of critical thinking as a vital tool in assess and strengthening democratic principles .

Critical Thinking Through Art  November 2015 - 2016 July

DROPS developed a 6-Month Art program that began in November 2015 for children and junior youths living in care facilities to enhance their critical thinking skills through various types of art exercises. The program is called, ‘Critical Thinking Through Art,’ and the first implementation of this program took place at Shamsa Children Village based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Shamsa houses 120 male and female children from ages 3-15 who reside and are cared for by the staff at Shamsa.

Research Methodology and Gender-Lens  On 15 – 17 March 2015

DROPS held a 3-day training program on Research Methodology and Gender-Lens at the University of Afghanistan (UoA). Outreach on the training program was provided to 17 female MA students, of which 7 participated in the 3-days of the training program.