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The Organization for Policy Research and Development Studies (DROPS) is an organization based in Afghanistan that is committed to strengthening democratic ideas and values by conducting research that provide policymakers with sound alternative solutions to national issues.

Our organization’s objective of strengthening democratic institutions and processes is not only reflected in the aspirations of the Afghan people, but is also rooted in the Afghan Constitution and the commitments Government made by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’stowards the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals. In order to fulfill its Constitutional obligation of establishing, “an order based on the peoples’ will and democracy,” the Afghan government has pledged to safeguard peoples’ freedom of speech and belief, and freedom from fear and want. Furthermore, Afghanistan’s MDGs put the citizenry at the center of all developmental efforts. Combined, these pledges protect citizen’s freedoms while enabling them to become the agents of change they would like to see. It is thereforeonly in states where all people genuinely participate in the decisions that affect their lives and well being can democracy flourish. In keeping with this belief,we argue that through indigenous research that represents ground-realities and incites policy dialogue and public-private partnerships canenvironmentsbe developed that nourish intellectual spaces and bridge the gap between citizens and the state.

As an interdisciplinary and independent research-oriented non-governmental organization, DROPS’ goal is to facilitate and encourage Afghanistan’s transition to democratic governance by aiming to (1) produce policy-relevant research that provides information and makes available resources to decision-makers at the national and subnational levels, particularly the Upper and Lower Houses of the National Assembly; and (2) increase women’s involvement in policy dialogue and research on a diversity of issues that are at play in building democratic governance.

We firmly believe that a strong policy-oriented research institute is vital for advancing and shaping the governance agenda in states undergoing transition from war-to-peace. By generating public policy research, building women’s capacities in conducting evidence based research and advocating relevant research findings to policy actors, we ensure that well-informed policy decisions are constructed resulting in the betterment of both state and society.

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At DROPS, our core beliefs are:

"What we find changes who we become; innovation through research; understanding today for a better tomorrow."

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  • Producing public policy research
  • Building local capacities in conducting evidence based research
  • Advocating key research findings to bring about national and regional transformation

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  • DROPS Annual Peer Review Journal
  • Research Publications on Peace-Building, Human Security, Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism
  • Seminars on timely and relevant topics
  • Research Methodology Trainings and Capacity-Building Programs

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